Minneapolis Design


Meet the designers of the Minneapolis and St. Louis native garden designs.

Printing note: This design was created to be 8.5″ x 14″ and the design pdf will print best on legal size paper.

Plant List

This list is inclusive of only the native plants in this specific native garden design. The list is meant to provide a basic preview of the beautiful and diverse plants featured in this design and serve as a reference tool when selecting plants at a nursery. (The list can be printed in two columns using landscape mode in your print settings.) More thorough information about each of these native plants can be found online at the Audubon, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and United States Department of Agriculture websites, all of which provide a wealth of native plant information including comprehensive North American native plant databases.

Anise Hyssop by Kurt Stueber

Anise Hyssop(Agastache foeniculum)

Big Leaf Aster by BotBin

Big Leaf Aster(Eurybia macrophylla)

Bloodroot by Paul Henjum

Bloodroot(Sanguinaria canadensis)

Blue Grama by KENPEI

Blue Grama(Bouteloua gracilis)

Butterfly Milkweed by Jim Conrad

Butterfly Milkweed(Asclepias tuberosa)

Chokecherry by Matt Lavin from Bozeman, Montana, USA

Chokecherry(Prunus virginiana)

Common Elderberry by Franz Xaver

Common Elderberry(Sambucus canadensis)

Crooked-stem Aster by Averater

Crooked-stem Aster(Symphyotrichum prenanthoides)

Culver's Root by Gustaf Eriksson

Culver's Root(Veronicastrum virginicum)

Dwarf Bush Honeysuckle by Rob Routledge

Dwarf Bush Honeysuckle(Diervilla lonicera)

Early Meadow Rue by Jay Sturner

Early Meadow Rue(Thalictrum dioicum)

Golden Alexanders by Revery

Golden Alexanders(Zizia aurea)

Harebell by Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz

Harebell(Campanula rotundifolia)

Heart-leaved Aster by R. A. Nonenmacher

Heart-leaved Aster(Symphyotrichum cordifolium)

Hoary Vervain by USFWS Mountain-Prairie

Hoary Vervain(Verbena stricta)

Indian Grass by Eugene van der Pijll

Indian Grass(Sorghastrum nutans)

Interrupted Fern by Krzysztof Ziarnek

Interrupted Fern(Osmunda claytoniana)

Lady Fern by Krzysztof Ziarnek

Lady Fern(Athyrium filix-femina)

Large-flowering Bellwort by Chanteusey

Large-flowering Bellwort(Uvularia grandiflora)

Leadplant by Denis.prévôt

Leadplant(Amorpha canescens)

Little Bluestem Grass by BBC Gardeners World, 2017

Little Bluestem Grass(Schizachyrium scoparium)

Mayapple by Krzysztof Ziarnek

Mayapple(Podophyllum peltatum)

Meadow Blazing Star by Nadiatalent

Meadow Blazing Star(Liatris ligulistylis)

Mountain Mint by Salicyna

Mountain Mint(Pycnanthemum virginianum)

Nannyberry by USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database / Herman, D.E.

Nannyberry(Viburnum lentago)

Narrow-Leaved Coneflower by Dy-e

Narrow-Leaved Coneflower(Echinacea angustifolia)

New Jersey Tea by JohnOyston

New Jersey Tea(Ceanothus americanus)

Nodding Onion by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Nodding Onion(Allium cernuum)

Ohio Spiderwort by KENPEI

Ohio Spiderwort(Tradescantia ohiensis)

Pagoda Dogwood by David J. Stang

Pagoda Dogwood(Cornus alternifolia)

Path Rush by Rudolphous

Path Rush(Juncus Tenuis)

Pennsylvania Sedge by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Pennsylvania Sedge(Carex pensylvanica)

Prairie Coreopsis by Frank Mayfield

Prairie Coreopsis(Coreopsis palmata)

Prairie Dropseed by Krzysztof Ziarnek

Prairie Dropseed(Sporobolus heterolepis)

Prairie Phlox by Joshua Mayer

Prairie Phlox(Phlox pilosa)

Prairie Pussytoes by Erutuon

Prairie Pussytoes(Antennaria neglecta)

Prairie Smoke by Revery

Prairie Smoke(Geum triflorum)

Purple Coneflower by James St. John

Purple Coneflower(Echinacea purpurea)

Purple Prairie Clover by Matt Lavin

Purple Prairie Clover(Dalea purpurea)

Rattlesnake Master by Krzysztof Ziarnek

Rattlesnake Master(Eryngium yuccifolium)

Red Twig Dogwood by Cephas

Red Twig Dogwood(Cornus sericea)

Rough Blazing Star by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Rough Blazing Star(Liatris aspera)

Showy Goldenrod by Thomas G Barnes

Showy Goldenrod(Solidago speciosa)

Smooth Penstemon by Michael Wolf

Smooth Penstemon(Penstemon digitalis)

Smooth Serviceberry by David J. Stang

Smooth Serviceberry(Amelanchier laevis)

Snowberry by Schwarzweisz

Snowberry(Symphoricarpos albus)

Solomon's Seal by Didier Olmstead

Solomon's Seal(Polygonatum biflorum)

Sprengel's Sedge by Matt Lavin from Bozeman, Montana, USA

Sprengel's Sedge(Carex sprengelii)

Sweet Black-eyed Susan by Revery

Sweet Black-eyed Susan(Rudbeckia subtomentosa)

Sweet Joe Pye Weed by Tatters

Sweet Joe Pye Weed(Eutrochium purpureum)

Tall Thimbleweed by Randy A. Nonenmacher

Tall Thimbleweed(Anemone virginiana)

Virginia's Bluebells by Kaldari

Virginia's Bluebells(Mertensia virginica)

White False Indigo by James Steakley

White False Indigo(Baptisia alba)

Wild Bergamot by Sixflashphoto

Wild Bergamot(Monarda fistulosa)

Wild Columbine by Raul654

Wild Columbine(Aquilegia canadensis)

Wild Geranium by H. Zell

Wild Geranium(Geranium maculatum)

Wild Ginger by Wasp32

Wild Ginger(Asarum canadense)

Wild Strawberry by Robert Flogaus-Faust

Wild Strawberry(Fragaria virginiana)

Yellow Coneflower by Frank Mayfield from Chicago area, US

Yellow Coneflower(Ratibida pinnata)

Zigzag Goldenrod by David J. Stang

Zigzag Goldenrod(Solidago flexicaulis)

About the Designer

Carmen Simonet is a landscape architect with a passion for using native plants. She has over 25 years of experience providing landscape master planning and site design services for commercial developments, public parks, and private gardens. She is the owner of Carmen Simonet Design LLC and recent projects include design of a natural playscape for a child development center, consulting on the landscape design for a conservation development, designing lakeshore buffer plantings, and residential gardens seeking to replace lawn with native habitat! Carmen received her BLA and MS in landscape architecture from the University of Minnesota.

Designer Statement

As a designer I bring together making places for people and partnering with nature to make healthy living landscapes. Using ecological design principles, I depict ideas that move clients away from conventional practices, and towards the creation of biodiverse, regenerative landscapes.

About Wild Ones

Wild Ones is a non-profit organization that promotes environmentally sound landscaping practices to preserve biodiversity through the preservation, restoration and establishment of native plant communities.

Some of the ways Wild Ones strives to accomplish our mission is by providing educational resources and online learning opportunities with respected experts like Wild Ones Honorary Directors Doug Tallamy, Neil Diboll, Heather Holm and Larry Weaner, publishing an award-winning journal and awarding Lorrie Otto Seeds for Education Program grants to engage youth in caring for native gardens.

Wild Ones depends on membership fees, donations and gifts from individuals like you to carry out our mission of healing the Earth, one landscape at a time.